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Introdaction of Services

Apta has professionals in each projects.

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Example of clients

We handled with the various type of clients such as startups,listed companies and medical institutions.

  • Software/BOI support
  • Manufacturing/Financial services
  • Services/Sales support
  • Medical institution/incoporation services
  • IT services/accounting services
  • Shops/markting services

If you have like below problems,we have resolved them.


・There is big gabs regarding quotaion from each firms
・Profit can
・It is burdens for firms to have cost of human resorces
・Fixed cost regarding accounting services are expensive.


・It is difficut to have good salese teams.
・It is diificut to manage thai employees
・You are looking for Thai pratner to make good relationships.
・You would like to have targets about M&A

Expat employees

・There is not emplyees who can work in foreign countries.
・From head quaters in Japan,it it difficut to manage brances in foreign
・It is not clear to use bugets.


・You need to judge compliance
・Legal is gapas between Thai and Japan.

Strength of Apta

Apta would be business partner for you in the long term.

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Company Profile

・Company name  Apta Advisory Partners Co.,ltd
・CEO  Kenichi Mizuhata
・Address  level 12, ZEN World Tower4,4/5 Rajdamri Road,
Pathumwan,Bangkok,Thailand 10330
・Contact  Email
              Tel +66-(0)6-3171-6641
・Banking Siam Commercial Bank

Apta meanings

”Apta”means”reliable” and ”close friends”.
Apta Advisory Partners would like to be businessparter for you in long terms.
We are wating for your contacts.

Member introduction

Apta has professionals.

Samon Suwannarat

Founder& Managing Partner
Team member 1

Samon Suwannarat was working for ING Funds (Thailand),Boston Consulting Group and Jstar.He was responsible for portfolio company's value-up activities, M&A and growth strategy,and delivered successful corporate development programs. Mr. Suwannarat received MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and a bachelor of Engineering degree from Chulalongkom University.He is a English,Japanese,Thai and Chainese speaker.

Thapakorn Klaithong

Business manager
Team member 1

Thapakorn Klaithong was working for Japanese consulting firm.He responsible for BOI,accouting and tax support for Japanese clients.Thapakorn received MA from Chulalongkom University and graduated from Kasetsart University.He experienced styding at Kyoto University as an excahnge student.He is a English,Japanese and Thai speaker.

Kenichi Mizuhata

Team member 1

Kenichi was working for Nomura in Private banking department and Investment banking department(M&A・IPO・Equity sales・financial analysis).And then,he moved to Law firms.He covers manufacturing,services and healcare.He graduated from Kwansei University.He is a Jpanese and English sepeaker.


We provide with news about business in Thailand.


level 12, ZEN World Tower4,4/5 Rajdamri Road,
Pathumwan,Bangkok,Thailand 10330

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Please let us know your request.

level 12, ZEN World Tower4,4/5 Rajdamri Road,
Pathumwan,Bangkok,Thailand 10330